What do we want our robot to do in 3 minutes? It is very tempting to say, EVERYTHING! However, plans must be backed up and proven to work so some realism is required. A strategy will consist of a 3 minute timeline with a scoring capability described. This includes the planned actions of the robotic solution. An example is placed in the table below.

The example strategy is not well thought out for a lot of reasons. However, we need a list of possible strategies to get our discussion and the eventual move to strategy selection. Put your idea for a strategy below. You may want to type out your strategy and then paste it into this wiki table. Remember, ideas are to be encouraged so constructive criticism is okay but not being rude or disrespectful which is not acceptable.

~NEW Strategy~
1. Pick up 2 lightweight cargo balls and place them in storage unit
2. Pick up T-Structure with claw
3. (8 pts) Drive up, score T-Structure
4. (6 pts) Retrieve 2 balls from storage unit and score them
5. (2 pts) Flip summit bonus flag
6. (5 pts) Retrieve clear bottle, drive down, and score it
7. (Tie-breaker) Knock down one of the waste cargo balls. Pick up solar panel, place it in storage unit
8. (7 pts +4 bonus) Pick up green bottle, drive to top, score it
9. (6 pts +9 bonus) Retrieve solar panel from storage, score it
10. (1 pt) Drive down to the bottom to score the rapid turnaround bonus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If there is extra time after all of the above are completed:
11. (6 pts) Pick up 2 lightweight cargo balls, drive to top, and score them
12. (1 pt) Pick up the remaining waste cargo ball and score it on the spotter rack
  • This strategy can score 48 points above the line, and up to 55 if time allows!
  • It requires only 2 trips up the pole!
  • Basically, the things scored in this strategy are the same as the below strategy, but they are scored in a shorter amount of time (hopefully)
1. (6 pts) Collect 2 lightweight cargo balls, drive up, and score them
2. (2 pts) Flip the summit bonus flag
3. (5 pts) Collect empty fuel tank from top, drive down, and score it
4. (7 pts +4 bonus) Collect green fuel tank, drive up and score it
5. (6 pts) Drive down and collect 1 solar panel, drive up and score it
6. (8 pts +9 bonus) Drive down, collect T-Structure, drive up and score it
7. (1 pt) Drive down to finish the game with Rapid Turnaround Bonus
8. (1 or 2 pts) Score each waste cargo ball while at the bottom
  • This strategy scores a maximum of 50 points! (The high score at regionals was only 31!)
  • Steps 7 and 8 are only used if there is extra time at the end of the game when the robot stays at the bottom of the pole, and we want to add a couple extra points to the already amazing score
  • It currently requires 4 trips to the top. If we add a simple attachment to the arm/claw, we can combine either #4 and 5, or 5 and 6. This will make it so we only need to take 3 trips up the pole
  • The attachment(s) are for collecting (a) The T-Structure (b) the solar panels. These attachments are already in the process of being made
Brandon King
Strategy that was successfully used at regionals
1. (Tie breaker) Knock off 1 of the waste cargo balls from the rack, while spotter is sending over 2 lightweight cargo balls
2. Collect 2 lightweight cargo balls
3. (2 pts) Drive to the top and flip the summit bonus flag
4. (6 pts) score the 2 lightweight cargo balls
5. Grab the clear bottle from the top, then drive back down the pole
6. (5 pts) Score the clear bottle
7. (7 pts) Grab the green bottle from the bottom, drive up the pole, and place it on the magnet
8. (6 pts) Drive down and collect 2 more lightweight cargo balls, then drive up and score them
9. (1 pts) Drive to the bottom to end the game
10. (1 pts) If there is still extra time, score the waste cargo ball that is still on the base rack
-Since we swapped the bottles, we get 4 bonus points
---Scores a maximum of 32 points---
Brandon King

Strategy by Brandon King, Logan Howell, Rachel King, Ajith Shajan:
1. (2 pts) Score waste cargo balls
-Spotter trades waste cargo balls for 4 cargo balls
-Pick up 1 solar panel & all 4 cargo balls from bottom
2. (16 pts) Ascend to space and score obtained pieces
3. (2 pts) Flip summit bonus flag
-Get empty fuel tank from top
4. (5 pts) Descend to Earth and drop off empty fuel tank into cup
5. Collect T-structure, green fuel tank, and/or habitation module
6. (20 or 15 or 27 pts) Ascend to space and score obtained pieces
7. (1 pt) Descend to score bonus point for finishing at the bottom
8. (9 pts) GAME ENDS; 9 extra points are scored for diversity scoring
*TOTAL SCORE: 55 or 50 or 62 points!!! (Depending on which/how many items we score in step 6)
~This strategy will only take 2 trips to space in order to complete above tasks. This will help a lot with time management.
~Also, it will require only 2 or 3 arm contraptions at a time to carry the pieces (Depending on which/how many items we score in step 6) This will make it so that we can score multiple items in one trip, to score more points.
Brandon King, Logan Howell, Rachel King, Ajith Shajan, Galen Bidleman
Gavin, Jes'shawn and Randy. Our stategy is to have the robot have a storage unit on it to carry more objects and cut the amount of times that we have to go up and down. First 25-30 seconds it will grab the the hexagon and the bottle and place them into the storage unit, then use the wheels to climb up the pole. The next 30 seconds we will place the hexagon and after place the clear bottle in the storage unit and place the green bottle on the magnet. The last minute after we place the bottles is get the solar panels and put them in the bin. We will avoid the waste and the balls and mainly focus on the bottles.TOTAL SCORE:37

My name is Nyjuan Walton. My stradegy is to make at least 1 trip per minute, in which we attempt to place the high point items where they belong. I also belive that a good stredegy for climbing the pole is to add a smaller arm and atach a magnet to the belly in order to shimmy up the pole.

The robot will begin the game on the pole (obviously). It will spend 5 seconds via automated program to grab a lightweight cargo ball and, in 10 seconds, climb the pole, and in 5 seconds deposit the ball into the midway cargo station. The robot will then travel down the pole in 10 seconds, grab the solar panel on its side in 5 seconds, carry it up the pole in 10 seconds, and place it on the solar panel mounting stud taking 5 seconds. The robot will then travel back down the pole in 10 seconds and then grab the T-structure in 5 seconds with an automated program and then take 10 seconds to travel up the pole and put the T-structure on the midway station mounting rack in 10 seconds. While up there the robot will toggle the summit indicator at midway station in 5 seconds. It will then grab the clear bottle in 5 seconds and then travel back down the pole in 10 seconds. The robot will then place the clear bottle in the appropiate place and pick up the green fuel bottle in 10 seconds. The robot will then go up the pole in 10 seconds and place the green fuel bottle in the midway station in 5 seconds. Since these times are only rough estimates if time permits we will transfer the waste cargo balls to the cargo ship from where the spotter will place the balls on the spotter's rack. This process should generate 47 POINTS in 2 min. 35 seconds. We left a buffer time of 25 seconds for possible errors in time calculation, or, IF TIME PERMITS, to place the habitation module in its correct spot, which would generate an extra 12 points, bringing the total to 59 points. See Excel Document:
Farita Tasnim, Alex Nordin, Tobore Tasker, Jinny van Doorn
If we have three arms combined together so that it can move in every direction then we should be able to choose the objects that give us multiple points taking the least amount of time. We do not necessarily have to bring the objects into space that would give us the most points if it takes a lot of time to accomplish. We should choose objects that do not take a lot of time to travel into space and place the objects in their appropriate places. Overall, we should have a decent speed robot that is very agile to achieve the most points possible. We especially have to have a dependable system to climb up the pole every time. This is one of the most important things along with the arm that can swivel in three different ways.

Our strategy is to pick up the hexagon first and drop it off to the midway station in approximantely 30 seconds (12 points). While at the top, pick up the clear bottle and head down. Then replace the green bottle with the clear bottle (17 points). Using the ends of the tongs, also pick up the solar panels and go up and place them in the correct place ( 36 points). Two minutes should have passed by after coming back down. Pick up the T structure and place the four balls in a basket in the robot and head up. Then place the T structure and the balls into the basket (56 points). That should be three minutes by the time the robot reaches the ground but if time permits, pick up wasteball and pass it to the spoters ( 58 points
Arun Benny Ninad Prasade Godwin Chan