Integrated Process Teams (IPTs)

An IPT is a group that is charged with a specific set of objectives on a set time schedule.

Robot Arm IPT
Objective: Design and prototype one (or possibly two) robot arm(s) that can accomplish the game's tasks. Choose the best one in terms of functionality, efficiency, etc.
Deliverable(s): A robot arm(s) that can hook up to motors/servos to test its functionality
Deadline: Friday, 9/14

Team Members:
Head: Farita Tasnim
Brandon King
Adams Clark
Godwin Chan
PJ Conde
Jinny van Doorn

Pole Team
Objective: Find solutions for how a robot can climb a square metal conduit pole (with the 1/2" by 1" rounded slots).
Deliverable(s): Design drawings, research, and prototypes
Deadline: Friday, 9/7
Link to the Pole IPT
Here is a link to someone's Master's thesis on serpentine pole climbing robots -- it is mainly for general interest, maybe it could be helpful for research.
Team members:
Head: Brandon King
Alex Nordin
Tobore Tasker
Adams Clark
Jeremia Bezner
Godwin Chan
Ninad Prasade
Arun Benny
Galen Bidleman

Button Box Team
See page: Button Box IPT
Objective: Create prototype electronics test unit.
Deliverable(s): Build a platform to hold the Cortex, 4 motors, 4 servos, and 4 limit switches. Set up software for basic controls on the wireless controller.
Deadline: Friday, 9/7
Team members:
Head: Toby Tasker
Brandon King
Farita Tasnim
Alexander Nordin
PJ Conde
Terrance Maxwell (Undecided)
Sai Nakirikanti
Dennis Seldon (Undecided)
Logan Howell

BEST Award Organization Team
Objective: Determine which awards our team will pursue.
Deliverable(s): Complete a report for each award we will pursue with a lead person, and plan to implement the award requirements.
Deadline: Friday, 9/7
Gavin Kerr (Autodesk Inventor)
Rachel King
Rashaun Williams
James Joyce (Team Exhibit)
Courtney Jeffers (Team Exhibit)
Kameron Kegler

Animation Team
See Page: Animation Team
James Joyce (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Sammy Smith (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Margo Pierce (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Courtney Jeffers (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Adrienne Baxter-McNeil (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Israel Price (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)
Jinny Van Doorn (Autodesk 3D Studio Max)

Media Team
Monil Patel (Video)
John Ingenito (Video)
John Barton (Photography)
Ishan Sahoo (Photography)

Web-page Team
Farita Tasnim
Rachel King
Brandon King
James Joyce

Field Building Team
Akil Charles
Kourtney Adkinson
Logan Cole
Kameron Kegler
Sharlena Porter