Pole Team IPT

Objective: Create a prototype for climbing the pole, test it, and determine which strategy works best.
Deliverable(s): A prototype that can successfully climb the c-strut.

  • We have to pick a strategy, either sprocket or two wheels, and create the actual robot for competition.
  • We're going to need to do a lot of work this week since Mall day is on Sunday.
  • It would be great if we could finish the climbing robot by Wednesday or latest Thursday, so we can attach the arm and get lots of practice in before Mall day.

Drawings of the two different designs,
Two Wheels Sprocket
Strategy 1 Two wheels.jpgStrategy 2 Sprocket.jpg

Head: Brandon King
Alexander Nordin
Tobore Tasker
Adams Clark
Godwin Chan
Ninad Prasade
Arun Benny
Galen Bidleman

Robot moving along the pole
Robot climbing the pole

Tasks Accomplished
Goals for next meeting
Tuesday, 9/25
  • We started a new chassis (hopefully the final one) for the idea with 1 motorized wheel on each side of the pole.
  • Tested a prototype (made by Mr. Kennedy) where it used the string to pull itself up the pole. It worked smoothly, and could lift at least 30 pounds. However, it was quite slow (slower than the friction idea, but could lift more weight).
  • Finished up creating the new wheels and the supporting wheels for the two wheels idea, as well glued the rubber to the two wheels to be used for climbing
  • For the sprocket idea a team added another set of beams with another wheel for extra support when the sprocket is climbing the pole
  • Test the two wheels design and work on a new refined chassis
  • Work on the sprocket design and idea and hopefully get it working
Wednesday, 9/26
  • Finished the new prototype for the two wheels design that was capable of carrying 16 pounds
  • Sprocket prototype attached the two arms together to lock them in place
  • Work on solutions for getting up the pole
Thursday, 9/27
  • Had a meeting to discuss how this would all be put together
  • Made progress on re-creating Mr. Kennedy's idea with legal wood and items
  • Put electrical tape over bearings to make them fit into PVC pipe to be used as rollers
  • Finish the prototype so we can mount the arm and be practicing on Saturday
Friday 9/28

Saturday 9/29

Sunday 9/30 (Mall Day)