Objective: Create a prototype for climbing the pole.
Deliverable(s): A prototype sprocket that can successfully climb the pole.
Members: (needs to be revised)
Head: Brandon King
Alexander Nordin
Godwin Chan
Gavin Kerr

Sprockets: Working on creating a cardboard prototype based on autoCAD designs and an online gears template.

Possible mounting idea: The sprocket rolls up on one side of the c-strut with two wooden beams connected to the axle of the sprocket, that will then connect to a wheel a few inches below that carries the weight of the robot. This way the sprocket will do all the work, and the design will be stable.

Tasks accomplished
Goals for next meeting
Saturday, 9/8
  • Created a cardboard prototype for the sprocket idea
  • Tested the prototype, measurements were a bit off.
  • Made an autoCAD simulation of the sprocket and c-strut.
  • Create a new prototype sprocket with the correct dimensions that fit the pole
  • Discuss how to mount the sprocket on to the pole.
Tuesday, 9/11
  • Created a new prototype out of paper with new measurements that was able to fit properly
  • began work on a cardboard prototype of the sprocket
  • Finish the cardboard prototype, and test it
  • If it fits, begin work on a wooden prototype
Wednesday, 9/12
  • Finished the cardboard prototype
  • Made the outline for the wooden prototype and left it for Mr. Kennedy
  • Put an axle through the wooden prototype and test it
  • Add a wheel on the opposite side of the sprocket to support the prototype
  • Use wooden slats to connect the sprocket axle to the wheel axle
Thursday, 9/13
  • Wooden prototype was finished
  • Made wooden struts for the prototype so it can successfully climb
  • practiced with the cardboard wheel prototype manually with the wooden struts
  • Shave down the wood sprocket to get it to fit the holes
  • Work on a finished prototype that can climb the pole
Friday, 9/14
  • Shaved down the wooden sprocket so it can near-smoothly climb the pole
  • Worked on the finished prototype, made new wooden struts to account for a larger support wheel
  • finished up a wooden prototype, no motors attached yet though