KICKOFF 2012, Thursday August 30

A school bus is being reserved to carry students to the Auburn University campus to participate in the Kickoff event. Students should arrive no later than 4:15pm to depart on the bus. Dinner can be purchased at the Auburn University Student Center for approximately $7. The bus will return by 10pm. Up to 50 students can sign up to ride the bus, and seats will be filled on a first come first serve basis once school permission forms have been returned to the teacher at the school. Names of students who have turned in permission forms signed by parents is shown below.
Students Name -- School
Teacher Names -- School
Students Name -- School
John Ingenito -- CHS
Monil Patel -- CHS
Jennifer Moore -- CHS
Ishan Sahoo -- CHS
John Barton -- CHS
Jinny Van Doom -- CHS
Margo Pierce -- CHS
Alyssa Reyes -- CHS
Logan Howell -- CHS
James Joyce -- CHS
Galen Bidleman -- CHS
Arun Benny -- CHS
Godwin Chan -- CHS
PJ Conde -- CHS
W Adams Clark -- CHS
Michael Nixon -- CHS

Logan Cole -- ECAC
Terrance Maxwell -- ECAC
Sharlena Porter -- ECAC
Rashaun Hinton -- ECAC
Akil Charles -- ECAC
Dynastee Overton -- ECAC
Rashaun Williams --ECAC
Kourtney Adkinson --ECAC
Tyler Snook -- ECAC
Taylor Hill -- ECAC
Genet Stanley- HHS
Dolly Baker -- SHS
Dennis Seldon -- SHS
Jazmine McMorris- HHS
Brenda Howell -- HHS
Robert Richards -- SHS
Kristen Wright- HHS
Nate Wright- HHS
Gavin Kerr -- SHS
Jeisa Roe-molina- HHS
Dylan Glenn- HHS
Randy Ratliff -- SHS
Taylor Cooper- HHS
James Ellerbee- HHS
Breanna Carrier -- SHS
Biana Rayford- HHS

Kira Hurley -- SHS
JeanVan Gooden- HHS

Dennis Seldon -SHS
Will Andrews- HHS

Ben Poteat - SHS
Tyra Trussell- HHS

Jordan Bullard - SHS
Kenneth Curry- HHS

Maurice Elmore - SHS

Brandon Maya-SHS
Nyjuan Walton -- JHS
Trenton McElreath-CVHS Nina Echols- CVHS
Ayana Tilley- CVHS
Kah'Dasia Kaigler- CVHS
Keaunna Miller- CVHS
Keven Ladner- CVHS
Eric Willis- CVHS
Hunter Depont- AMS with Trenton McElreath
Stephon Coley-SHS
Bria Hood -- JHS

Rashard Stephens -- JHS

Jasmine Denson -- JHS