Team 4188 Animators

Note: We do not partake in BEST, but rather work towards the animation safety award for First. The award is a pre-season event, with all entries being submitted in early December.
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This is where we will be posting our finished products, exercises, tests, demo reels, and Q&A's regarding our work with 3D Studio Max.

If you have not downloaded the 3D Studio Max software onto you computer, do so here.


To view the videos at school, it is recommended you download Hotspot Shield onto your laptop.

YouTube username: thenewboston
This is a very in depth beginner's guide to using 3D Studio Max.

I advise everyone to watch these:
3Ds Max Tutorial - 1 - Introduction to the Interface
3Ds Max Tutorial - 2 - The Viewport
3Ds Max Tutorial - 3 - More Views and Merging
3Ds Max Tutorial - 4 - Creating Basic Objects
3Ds Max Tutorial - 5 - Binding Objects
3Ds Max Tutorial - 6 - Advanced Selections
3Ds Max Tutorial - 7 - Hide, Freeze, and Layers
3Ds Max Tutorial - 8 - Cloning and Arrays
3Ds Max Tutorial - 9 - Grouping and Linking
3Ds Max Tutorial - 10 - Subobjects
3Ds Max Tutorial - 11 - Modifiers
3Ds Max Tutorial - 12 - Shapes and Splines

If you find any other useful tutorials, please add them here.